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General background

They call the Ancients 'the Ancestors'. (Rising pt 1)

Every day before dawn, the Athosians drink 'a stout tea' to brace them for the day. (Rising pt 1)

It's not clear how Teyla was defining 'stout' here -- possibly loaded with a stimulant like caffeine, but equally possible full of nutrients as some sort of meal supplement.

They touch foreheads to show affection. (Rising pt 2)

This appears to be an affectionate gesture (greeting, parting, etc.) in many places throughout the galaxy. (multiple eps)

They make some form of wine, from something close enough to grapes that Sheppard calls them that. (Sanctuary)

They have skilled potters (or ceramics-makers) -- Sheppard got a pottery (ceramic?) jar from them to give to Weir for her birthday. (Before I Sleep)

When 20-30 Wraith entered the city by beaming out of kamikaze darts, several Athosians went with Teyla to offer their services in the hunt. Colonel Everett armed them and sent them out. Some of them didn't make it. (The Siege part 2)

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The Athosians had never met anyone who didn't know about the Wraith before meeting the Terrans. (Rising pt 1)

They moved their hunting camps around to keep from being too easy a target for the Wraith. (Rising pt 1)

Some Athosians have the ability to sense the Wraith coming -- that gives them warning to run. (Rising pt 1)

Athosian children play a game centered around Wraith attacks -- one wears a Wraith mask (more of a hood, really -- covers the entire head) and 'hunts' the other(s). (Rising pt 1)

According to Teyla, many Athosians didn't want to evacuate Atlantica when the Atlantis expedition was making plans to do just that if necessary, prior to the Wraith invasion. The Athosians wanted to stay and fight to defend their new home. (The Gift)

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They don't appear to be overtly religious, but they do pray to the Ancestors at times. (Hide and Seek)

When an Athosian knows that death is near, there are ritual prayers that are said. It's rare for them to know the time and place of their death, and being able to complete the short ritual under those circumstances means a lot to them. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

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The section where the Athosians were living when the Terrans arrived was fairly heavily wooded   around their encampment. (Rising pt 1)

" Encampment" is a better word than town -- they seemed to be living mainly in tents, rather than permanent structures. (Rising pt 1)

Just beyond the encampment was an Ancient city, full of buildings and technology. The Athosians refused to go there because they believed if someone entered 'the city of the Ancestors' it would awaken the Wraith. (Rising pt 1)

Within walking distance of the encampment were caves, whose walls were covered in drawings, some dating back thousands of years. Teyla believed that this was where the survivors of Wraith cullings hid (or at least, the survivors of the most recent culling, before the Terrans arrived). (Rising pt 1)

After a Wraith raid that took several of their people, including Teyla and Halling, the remaining Athosians fled their world with the remaining Terran expedition members, to take refuge on Atlantis.(Rising pt 2)

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The Athosians took refuge in Atlantis after a Wraith raid took several of their people (all later safely recovered). (Rising pt 2)

They had never lived in a city before -- always in open camps, avoiding the Ancient city on their world. (Hide and Seek)

Several were scared, believing that the ghosts of the Ancestors (Ancients) still roamed the halls. (Hide and Seek)

When Sheppard tried entertaining a bunch of kids (including Jinto) by telling them scary stories, he flopped -- they didn't understand the references, and they had plenty of real things to be scared of without having to hear alien tales. But they sat there pretty patiently listening for most of it, apparently appreciating the effort, at least. And they were eager to hear more about hockey, asking if they could play it, too. (Hide and Seek)

Three months after they arrived on Atlantis, the Athosians were basically confined to quarters, with no access to the stargate or many sections of the city, because of the suspicion that one of them was a spy who was betraying the location of offworld teams to the Wraith. They weren't even allowed to go to the medical facilities without an escort, and were under constant surveillance. They weren't very happy about that. (Suspicion)

Several of them, including Halling, had a meeting about it, to discuss their grievances and ask how long they were going to put up with it. When Teyla walked in unexpectedly (and not happy at having been excluded), things got very quiet. After some arguing back and forth between Halling and Teyla, she asked them to show patience, saying that the speed and frequency with which the Wraith showed up on their offworld missions couldn't be a coincidence, and that Weir would need time to find out what was going on, for the protection of everyone on Atlantis. While they heard what she was saying, they didn't welcome it -- several deliberately left their backs turned to her, and Halling merely said that 'They may reside here, Teyla, but they are not the Ancestors, no matter how much you wish them to be.' (Suspicion)

When they heard that the Terrans had discovered a mainland, they decided that was their best option -- they weren't allowed offworld, and they couldn't bear to stay in the city, so they'd move to the mainland and start exploring it, to everyone's benefit. Halling put the proposal to Weir with several of his people around him supporting him. Weir was surprised but amenable, since she'd just been trying to think of a way to dump them all on the mainland so she could start offworld missions back up. (Suspicion)

Weir pointed out that if they started the missions again and the Wraith no longer appeared, it would prove that an Athosian was guilty. Halling countered by pointing out that if the Wraith did still appear, it would prove that no Athosian was betraying them. (Suspicion)

When Weir asked if Halling had spoken with Teyla about it, he just said that Teyla had made her choice. (Suspicion)

By the time they were moving to the mainland, Halling had basically taken over Teyla's position as leader. (Suspicion)

Although they got a good crop planted and were expecting a decent harvest, some still spoke of returning to Athos -- despite the fact that Teyla had told them the Wraith had scorched the planet bare in retribution for the Athosians' resistance (presumably the rescue mission and the caretaker(s)' death). (The Storm)

The Athosian camp apparently recovered relatively easily from the giant storm -- a few weeks (possibly months) later, the camp was in full swing, consisting of large, domed tents, fairly spacious and airy. (The Gift)

The tents actually appeared to be two layers -- a bottom layer stretched over tent poles, and a top layer -- possibly weather protection? -- stretched over that, covering only the top with slender 'columns' of fabric coming down on all sides to be pegged into the ground. (The Gift)

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Tuttleroot soup. (The Gift)

Either tuttleroot is something found on many planets, or the Athosians brought some with them to plant on Atlantica -- Charin made some for Teyla when Teyla came to visit, and Teyla said she'd missed it. (The Gift)

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Trading partners

Active traders with people from other worlds, using the stargates -- both to travel offworld themselves, and for other traders to come to them. (Rising pt 1, other eps)

The Athosians refer to offworlders as 'men from away' -- although given that Teyla was their leader, the 'men' used in reference to the Atantis-expedition security teams could well have been simply because they were all men. The phrase in general could shift to account for gender. (Rising pt 1)

They don't trade with strangers. (Rising pt 1)

Traded regularly with the Genii, whom they believed to be simple agrarian folk. (Underground)

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General tech level

A mix of pre-industrial and some advanced Ancient technology. (Rising)

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Devices that emit a ray/beam/charge of some sort, to ignite organic matter. They're not like Terran lighters in that they don't themselves produce a flame -- it looks almost like they produce a concentrated stream of heat that ignites what it's being pointed at. (Rising pt 1)

They can be a short distance away -- they don't have to be within touching distance of the material being ignited, the way a Terran lighter would be. (Rising pt 1)

For all that the lighter itself was advanced, Teyla used it to ignite a basic torch -- fire at the top of a big stick. (Rising pt 1)

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Known Athosians


An elderly woman, and an old friend of Teyla's. Teyla used to paint  her pictures and sing songs of the Ancients to her, and even as an adult and a leader of her people, always found time to visit her. (The Gift)

When Teyla asked if Charin knew why Teyla could sense the Wraith, Charin said Teyla's father had asked her not to tell, and that no living Athosian knew of this, for good reason. Teyla (gently) insisted, and Charin said that her grandfather used to tell a story, the like of which no one had ever heard before or since, about 'a few who once returned' -- from a planet where the Wraith came and culled, but where sometimes, on several occasion, the 'taken' came back. (The Gift)

Some believed that the Ancestors had brought their loved ones back -- that they'd been blessed with a gift that made them unwanted by the Wraith. Others told tales of how the taken had vanquished the Wraith. (The Gift)

Soon, though, the taken began to be feared -- they heard voices, and some became violent or even homicidal. They were massacred. The few survivors were exiled. (The Gift)

Charin believed that those few who survived were the ones who passed on 'the gift', the ability to sense Wraith. One of those who were taken was in Teyla's lineage. (The Gift)

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An Athosian farmer. (The Storm)

After evacuating to Manara, he apparently went to Smeadon to negotiate for some land (possibly assuming they woulnd't make it back to Atlantis?), offering to trade his special knowledge of farming in return. Smeadon got him drunk. (The Storm)

The Genii appeared, and Sora grabbed him in a stranglehold from behind, also painfully bending back one of his fingers to immobilize him. Smeadon stole his IDC, handing it off to Kolya, who asked what the code was. Doran explained that his hand had to be the one to punch it in -- Sora brought him back to the stargate, assuring Smeadon that he'd give up the code. (The Storm)

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His son Jinto made inadvertant first contact with the security teams from Atlantis, but Halling was the one who started talking to them, and brought them back to the village.

He was culled during the Wraith attack on the camp the night after the Terrans from Atlantis arrived. (Rising pt 2)

He also lost his closest friend in that attack -- possibly the man who was devoured by the Wraith. (Suspicion)

He was reunited with Jinto after being rescued from the Wraith, and the two of them settled in with the other Athosians on Atlantis. (Rising pt 2)

Hurt his leg somehow, badly enough to need crutches for a while. (Hide and Seek)

He's a good dad, very patient and affectionate with Jinto, answering even tough questions honestly but without overwhelming the boy -- when Jinto asked if they were safe from the Wraith after moving to Atlantis, Halling replied 'I think nothing in life is certain ... except my love for you.' (Hide and Seek)

He raised Jinto not to be afraid of the dark. (Hide and Seek)

After Jinto had gotten lost (see below) and accidentally released 'a darkness' (the energy being/shadow entity), he said that he'd been wrong. (Hide and Seek)

He and Jinto shared a room on Atlantis, with no one else, so presumably Halling's wife/mate is dead. (Hide and Seek)

When Jinto snuck out to play Wraith in the city and got lost, Halling searched by himself for a bit, then went to Sheppard for help. Even with a hurt leg he insisted on accompanying Sheppard during the wider search. When Marta raised the possibility that there were Wraith on the base and they all had to withdraw to the control tower to regroup and set up a proper perimeter, Halling took advantage of the access to the city-wide communication system to talk to Jinto, assuring him that he wasn't angry, he just wanted to know that Jinto was safe, and to tell him to stay put and make some noise if possible if he were lost or hurt. (Hide and Seek)

He finished with a sincere prayer to the Ancestors, begging their forgivness if they were angry at the intrusion into their city and promising to leave if that was what they wanted -- but not without his son. (Hide and Seek)

" Peren lumi et tempo eterni, if you are angry that we have unrightfully inhabited your great city, we humbly apologize. We mean no harm. We will leave if it is your wish. But I will not go without my son.' (Hide and Seek)

Peren lumi et tempo eterni: 'Fathers of light of the everlasting temple' (Hide and Seek)

When he heard that Teyla was trapped aboard a puddlejumper that was stuck halfway through a stargate -- and that it was practically inevitable that she would die as a result -- Halling gathered some of his people and went to Weir, asking to be allowed to contact Teyla to say some ritual prayers, meant to be recited in the rare instances when an Athosian actually knew when and where he or she would die. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He was quietly angry when Weir basically told him that his prayers weren't important in this situation, and tried to press his case. Weir was having none of it, announcing that 'we' do not prepare for death, 'we' fight it, and that she wouldn't permit him to contact the ship and tell them that they were expected to die. (Which wasn't exactly what he would be doing, but...) When Weir walked away, he had no choice but to give up on contacting Teyla. But he wasn't happy about it. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He and his companions waited on the stairs in the gateroom for news, and were there when the puddlejumper finally made it home. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He accompanied Sergeant Stackhouse's reconnaissance team offworld three times, to act as liaison between the team and the locals whom Halling already knew. Several times, after the team had made contact, he went to visit close friends. (Suspicion)

Despite his genuine willingness to be helpful in many ways, including discovering the reason why the Wraith were appearing so readily to attack offworld missions, he wasn't willing to be a doormat or to be accused of being a spy himself. When Weir and Bates started treating the Athosians like they were under house arrest, and began basically interrogating them all, he called them both on it as he walked out of his 'interview'. Later, he was the focal point of a meeting among the Athosians to discuss their grievances with the situation and talk about what they should do about it, and was the one who argued with Teyla when she arrived unexpectedly to ask them for patience with Weir's methods. (Suspicion)

When the Athosians decided that the newly discovered mainland was their best option, Halling was the point man taking the proposition to Weir, with several people around for support as he spoke to her. (Suspicion)

Weir pointed out that if they started the missions again and the Wraith no longer appeared, it would prove that an Athosian was guilty. Halling countered by pointing out that if the Wraith did still appear, it would prove that no Athosian was betraying them. (Suspicion)

When Weir asked if Halling had spoken with Teyla about it, he just said that Teyla had made her choice. (Suspicion)

By the time they were moving to the mainland, Halling had basically taken over Teyla's position as leader. (Suspicion)

Roughly 35 hours before the Wraith were expected to arrive over Atlantis, while everyone was getting ready to evacuate if need be, Halling went to the city to speak to Weir. He told her he'd heard about the plans to destroy Atlantis. He sympathized with Weir's desire to protect the people of Earth, but didn't think 'self-preservation' was reason enough to destroy the city of the 'greatest race ever to inhabit the stars' -- a sacred city. When Weir asked if he'd rather it fell into the hands of the Wraith, he replied that he'd have faith that the Ancestors wouldn't allow that to happen. (The Siege part 1)

Weir listened, but then told him that she had no choice but to go forward with her plan. (The Siege part 1)

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Halling's son, probably somewhere in the 12-14 range in 2004/early season 1. (Rising)

His voice hadn't started to change yet, but he was about shoulder-high to Sheppard.

Despite growing up hearing tales of the Wraith, and despite his father's warnings, Jinto still went into the forest after dark to play Wraith with a friend -- apparently relatively frequently. (Rising pt 1)

When the Athosians fled through the stargate for Atlantis with the remnants of the Atlantis security teams after the Wraith raid, Jinto was the one Sheppard tapped to give them new addresses to try so they could evacuate from the city, which looked like it was going to lose its protective shields any second. (Rising pt 2)

He was reunited with his father after Halling was rescued from the Wraith, and the two of them settled in with the other Athosians on Atlantis. (Rising pt 2)

He has a good relationship with his father -- honest, trusting, affectionate. He isn't afraid to talk to his father, and doesn't go sulky when Halling puts appropriate boundaries on him (bedtime, going out after dark, etc.) (Hide and Seek)

He's also not above sneaking out to have some fun with his friends. (Hide and Seek)

When he snuck out with a friend (Wex) to play Wraith in the corridors, he told the other boy that he could be the Wraith -- Jinto was going to be Major Sheppard. Clearly, Sheppard had been making a good impression on the kids. (Hide and Seek)

He inadvertantly stepped into a transporter and wound up getting lost, sparking a search. (Hide and Seek)

While trapped in a research lab, he inadvertantly released an energy being (the shadow entity) that had been trapped in a containment vessel for millennia. (Hide and Seek)

Later, after he'd been found and returned home, he went to Ford to apologize -- Ford had been injured by the shadow entity, and Jinto felt responsible. (Hide and Seek)

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An Athosian girl, roughly 12 or 13 years old. (Hide and Seek)

When Atlantis began suffering power failures and flickers, she saw a 'shadow' -- like an illusion the Wraith cast. (Hide and Seek)

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She lost her parents in the Wraith attack that forced the Athosians to take refuge on Atlantis. (Suspicion)

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Parent to Teyla, probably her father. (Rising pt 1)

Teyla never indicates whether Tagar is her mother or father, but when speaking to other people, she only speaks of her father, so I'm going with that. (Rising pt 1)

He used to tell stories of creatures that fed on humans like the Wraith, but Teyla always believed them to be nothing but stories to keep the children from wandering too far. Turns out he may have been telling the truth. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He asked their family friend Charin not to tell Teyla the probably origins of her Wraith-sensing gift, not wanting her to know that her lineage included a person who was outcast from another world as someone taken by Wraith and returned (and who may well have heard voices or been violent -- although the ones who were actively violent were probably killed when the villagers on the other world massacred most of the taken). (The Gift)

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Teyla Emmagen

(nb: I know she should be listed under E, technically, but since she's almost consistently referred to as simply Teyla, I thought this would be simpler.)

Apparent leader of the Athosians while on Athos. (Rising)

See Teyla for full details.

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An Athosian boy who was a friend of Jinto's, and went sneaking out at night with him to play Wraith. (Hide and Seek)

When they were playing in the Atlantis corridors a few days after their arrivael, Jinto vanished. Wex apparently headed straight for Halling to tell him, rather than trying to hide the fact because the boys were doing something they shouldn't have been. (Hide and Seek)

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