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Shadow Entity

General info

Looks like a dark shadow. (Hide and Seek)

The Ancients were studying it for their research into ascension, trying to learn about energy beings and how they ticked. (Hide and Seek)

It was released from the container where it had been held for millenia and began wandering the halls of Atlantis, drawn to energy sources, which it basically ate. (Hide and Seek)

The energy sources included the naquadah generators. (Hide and Seek)

When Sheppard turned the containment vessel back on in hopes of luring it back in and trapping it again, it took one look at the vessel and took off -- it clearly remembered what it was, and had no wish to be trapped again. (Hide and Seek)

Direct contact with humans left the human basically electrocuted, as though struck by lightning. (Hide and Seek)

As it absorbed more energy and got bigger, its charge would also increase, becoming ever deadlier. (Hide and Seek)

After Teyla suggested giving it a way off the planet, rather than leaving it trapped there with them (and all dying in the process as it fed off every energy source it could find), Weir and the others put together a plan to lure it through an open stargate to a barren world by tempting it with a naquadah generator (on a MALP that was on its way through the gate). The entity was attracted, but stopped the MALP before it could get through the gate, and just started feeding on the generator. (Hide and Seek)

At this point it was so large it looked like a (very) small sea, with waves and everything. (Hide and Seek)

Before it could shift its attention to the stargate's own energy, McKay put his personal shield back on and waded into the entity's energy field, grabbing the generator and flinging it through the stargate. The entity followed. (Hide and Seek)



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