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Atlantis Personnel

(X = dead. General date of death in red)
Note: I'm including SGC personnel who are temporarily assigned to Atlantis or who I'm not positive are part of the Daedalus crew. The known Daedalus crew are listed under the Daedalus page.




Abrams X

Civilian scientist (The Defiant One)

He was part of the in-system mission to check out the Ancient satellite that Dr. Gall had discovered in a Lagrangian Point orbit around another planet in the solar system. (The Defiant One)

While aboard the Wraith supply ship that they found crashed on the planet, Abrams was attacked by a very old, starving Wraith and sucked dry in moments. (mid-2004) (The Defiant One)

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Sergeant Bates, USMC

(nb: His service branch is taken from his uniform, which is the USMC's combat utility uniform, with angled chest pockets, and angled name and service tapes. Also, a zoomed look at his service tape shows 'U.S. Marines'. But to my knowledge, it's never actually stated in canon that he's a Marine.)


Has a little brother. (Letters from Pegasus)

Apparently from the Los Angeles area -- when he recorded a message for his brother, he talked about going home and taking him to a basketball game, watching Kobe and Shaq win another title for the Lakers. (Letters from Pegasus)

When given the opportunity to video-record a personal message to send home to a loved one, he recorded his for his little brother, saying that he couldn't wait to get home and take him to a basketball game, watching Kobe and Shaq win another title for the Lakers. He refused to say anything more than that even when Ford pushed him a bit, believing that he'd never see his brother again and that saying any more would only make things worse. (Letters from Pegasus)

Career on Atlantis

At some point, either during the events of Suspicion or before that, Weir put Bates in charge of security. (Suspicion)

A member of either security team 1 or 2 right from the beginning -- he was part of the combined team that went to Athos to look for a new home for the expedition should the Atlantis shield fail. (Rising)

He was a bit freaked out by the illusions the Wraith were casting during their raid, since he had no idea that's what they were -- he believed they were real. But on Sumner's command, he used his bazooka (at least, it looked like a bazooka) to shoot down a Wraith dart -- the first Wraith ship to be shot down by someone in the Atlantis expedition, as well as the first Wraith to be killed (blown to bits, literally). (Rising pt 2)

Moments later, he and Sumner were culled, beamed aboard a Wraith ship. (Rising pt 2)

When the Wraith start appearing on a few too many of the worlds the primary team visit -- five out of nine -- Bates was called in to a meeting with Weir, Sheppard, McKay, and Ford. He agreed with Weir that there must be a spy in their midst, most likely an Athosian (actually, he was completely convinced it was an Athosian, believing there was no way it could be a Terran). (Suspicion)

He wanted to confine all non-base personnel (i.e., all Athosians) to the south side of the complex, and create 'no-go' zones around stargate operations (the gate and control center), the labs, power generation, and the jumper bay. (Suspicion)

He was included in the interview sessions (Weir's attempt to get to know the Athosians by questioning them to find out if they were spies), to the point of asking questions and making comments. (Suspicion)

When he found out about the mainland's existence, he suggested sending all of the Athosians there to get them out of the city so that offworld missions could commence again. (Suspicion)

When the team got attacked offworld again, he decided Teyla was the threat, and wanted to strand her and the injured Ford offworld rather than risk letting her through the stargate. In the briefing afterward with Sheppard and Weir, he seemed to forget that Sheppard outranked him considerably. (Suspicion)

He was part of (or more likely, leading) the security detail guarding the Wraith (' Steve' ) in the holding cell, after Sheppard's team captured him. He was also part of (leading?) the security detail that went to Hoff ahead of the puddlejumper carrying Steve, so that he could be tested agains the new drug. (Poisoning the Well)

He brokered a deal with the Manarians to trade for a small amount of food. (Underground)

When a viral agent got loose in the depths of the city, affecting a group of scientists who'd been out exploring, Bates agreed with Weir that a self-regulating quaratine was the appropriate course of action. When Sheppard objected to being locked in the gym and ordered Bates to let him out, against Weir's direct orders, Bates obeyed Sheppard. (Hot Zone)

When a Wraith dart was spotted approaching Atlantis, he went up in a puddlejumper piloted by Beckett. He was determined not to let Beckett panic himself out of flying it, pointing out that they had to mount the best possible defense they could under the circumstances, and if that meant Beckett had to fly, then Beckett had to fly. (The Brotherhood)

He reported back to Weir when Markham and Smith were killed by the Wraith, then later reported the 'kill' when the dart was destroyed (self-destruct). (The Brotherhood)

When the expedition realized that the Wraith were on the way and there was no real way to stop them, they began setting up an alpha site. Bates was in charge of finding a location -- he found one a week before the Wraith were expected to arrive, and completed the ground and aerial surveys. He said it was ready to begin setting up a base camp, pending Sheppard's approval. (The Gift)

He and his team were at the alpha site when they were attacked by Wraith and had to flee back to Atlantis. (The Gift)

He was outraged when he found out Teyla had been in touch with the Wraith, believing that they'd gotten the location of the alpha site from her mind. He didn't want to give her another chance to connect, and when Weir agreed to let Teyla try again, he stood by with a Wraith stunner. When she was indeed taken over by a Wraith and started taking out the people around her in the infirmary, the stunner was the only thing that stopped her. It took two blasts to take her out. (The Gift)

After Weir, Sheppard, and Bates picked a new possibility for an alpha site (M1M-316) and Sheppard said he'd gather his team together to check it out, Bates followed him to ask if Teyla was included with that. When Sheppard said yes, Bates pointed out that they still didn't know how her connection to the Wraith worked, and if she could see through their eyes, it was possible the Wraith could see through hers. If so, letting her see the potential new alpha site would be a huge mistake. Sheppard refused to consider the notion, insisting that Teyla was an integral part of his team, and that that was all that mattered. (The Siege part 1)

When Sheppard's team came in hot from an attack on M1M-316, Bates's first reaction was that Teyla must have unwittingly given their position away to the Wraith. He was taken aback to find out that it wasn't Wraith that attacked them, but a local version of a dinosaur. (The Siege part 1)

Teyla was furious at the accusation, and followed him to demand an explanation. Bates was entirely unrepentant, telling her that he was willing to believe she wasn't aware of what she was doing, but that he still considered her a security threat, and thought she shouldn't be allowed to move freely around the base. She told him that being accused of helping the Wraith was the worst possible insult among her people. He replied that he was aware of that, and she lost her temper and hit him hard (with her elbow, not her hand, for greater effect). Ford and Sheppard showed up and separated them before it could escalate, with Bates telling Teyla this wasn't over yet. (The Siege part 1)

Some time after his argument with Teyla, Bates was attacked at Generatior Station 1, and beaten up pretty badly. (The Siege part 1)

He had five broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, and a severe concussion. Beckett put him in a medically induced coma until the subdural hematoma could be dealt with. (The Siege part 1)

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Dr. Carson Beckett

Original timeline

He died in the original timeline along with Ford, trying to get people into ships to save them from the flooding city. (Before I Sleep)

General info

Scottish -- wears a Scottish flag patch.

Medical doctor. (Rising pt 1)

Although Weir addressed him by his first name, he called her 'Dr. Weir'. (Rising pt 1)

He has the Ancient gene, but wasn't/isn't happy about it -- he was afraid of the Ancient technology, and didn't want to be responsible for using it. He wanted to stay in his comfort zone as a doctor. (Rising pt 1)

Once on Atlantis, he was the one who found the 'message' the Ancients had left behind. (Rising pt 1)

Doesn't like traveling through the stargate -- thinks it's ' bloody insanity' to convert the human body to energy and send it millions of miles through a wormhole. (Poisoning the Well)

When given the opportunity to video-record a personal message to send home to a loved one, he recorded his for his mum -- or tried to, at least. His first attempt was polite small-talk ('I trust your petunias are in bloom') and medical, about an ointment he'd given her for toenail fungus. After Ford urged him to make it more personal, he started again with 'I miss you terrible -- ' then broke down and had to walk away. His third attempt, later on, was more successful -- heartfelt but upbeat. (Letters from Pegasus)

He'd never seen an Asgard  transporter beam before the Daedalus beamed two soldiers carrying a crated ZPM down to Atlantis. (The Siege part 3)

He got tricked into attending a date between McKay and Katie Brown -- he thought McKay had asked him to show up to help keep him (McKay) from screwing things up horribly, when in fact it was Lt. Laura Cadman, inside McKay's head, doing the asking. (Beckett was not yet aware that Cadman could take control of McKay's body.) He agreed somewhat reluctantly, but showed up as promised -- horrified to discover that Brown had no idea he'd been invited. They made the best of it. (Duet)


He discovered the Ancient gene that allowed some humans (like Jack) to use certain Ancient technology. (Rising pt 1)

Spent months working on gene therapy that would give normal humans that ATA gene (Ancient technology activator gene -- allowing them to use Ancient technology as though they'd been born with the Ancient gtene). He couldn't fully test it back on Earth because of human-testing regulations. (Hide and Seek)

As soon as the expedition started to settle in on Atlantis, he got a volunteer in the form of McKay to be the first human trial. The gene therapy worked -- McKay was able to activate a personal shield left behind by the Ancients. Beckett was extremely pleased. (Hide and Seek)

He had to try to treat Sheppard long-distance when Sheppard was trapped in a puddlejumper stuck halfway through an active wormhole, with an alien bug attached to his neck slowly killing him. Afterward, Beckett led the emergency medical team in the jumper bay that revived Sheppard, who'd been deliberately flat-lined to make the bug let go. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He wasn't happy when Sheppard volunteered him to help the Hoffans without even asking, but went along to help them develop their anti-Wraith drug. (Poisoning the Well)

It was his first trip offworld since reaching Atlantis. (Poisoning the Well)

When he met Perna, he turned on the charm pretty much instantly, and never really turned it off, even as he got intensely involved in the drug-development project itself.

He was extremely impressed with what the Hoffans had done, and eager to help. (Poisoning the Well)

After helping them develop the drug to be better absorbed by the human body, he was horrified to find out that the Hoffans wanted the next phase to be human trials against an actual Wraith. (Poisoning the Well)

He went along reluctantly, after trying to talk Merell, the Hoffan volunteer, out of participating. (Poisoning the Well)

When the test worked, Druhin called him and Perna 'heroes of the Hoffan people'. (Poisoning the Well)

He wanted to run more tests on Merell before submitting a final report, and was very surprised when Druhin suggested going immediately to mass production. (Poisoning the Well)

He went to the Athosian settlement to innoculate some babies, but got pressed into helping secure the village against a huge oncoming storm. (The Storm)

He got stuck there with Teyla, Ford, and a small handful of Athosians, sitting out the storm, because he felt it was too dangerous to try flying the jumper back through it (and he was the only one who could fly it, so his decision stood). (The Storm)

While helping to retake Atlantis from the Genii, Beckett got knocked out cold by Sora, who wanted him out of the way so she could focus on Teyla. He suffered a minor concussion. (The Eye)

He was displeased to find that Ford had left the infirmary despite being under the influence of the Wraith enzyme, and tracked him down in Weir's office. When he tried to take him back to the infirmary, Ford attacked him, grabbing him around the throat and holding him up against a wall until Teyla got him calmed down. (The Siege part 3)

When he realized that Ford's system had been flooded with the Wraith feeding enzyme, he decided that the only way to keep him from dying as it broke down in his system was to wean him off it with steadily smaller doses -- to do which he had to havest more enzyme from the Wraith bodies in the morgue. (The Siege part 3)

Went back to the SGC with Weir, Sheppard, McKay, and others after the siege, to be debriefed and handle administrative details such as gathering more personnel and supplies for his department. (The Intruder)

He was a bit overcome by the qualifications of the potential additions to his staff, feeling that many/most of them were better qualified than he was, and therefore unsure about how to make a decision about them. (The Intruder)

Despite his unease at the conditions -- offworld, outdoors, on a man holding Teyla at gunpoint, who refused any anaesthetic -- Beckett performed surgery on Ronon Dex and successfully removed a Wraith tracking device from his back, very close to his spinal cord. (Runner)


By default, he became the expedition's xenobiologist, studying the Wraith forearm/hand that Sheppard brough back from Athos after the rest of that particular Wraith got blown to bits. (Rising pt 2)

He had the chance to autopsy a Wraith when 'Steve' died in a holding cell on Hoff. (Poisoning the Well)

He had a theory that the Wraith had evolved in the Pegasus galaxy after the Ancients arrived, but had no hard data to back his theory up. (The Gift)

His theory was that the Ancients had (unwittingly) allowed humans to evolve on a world that had an insect species, which at some point fed on the humans and somehow incorporated human DNA into their own genetic structure, and eventually evolved into the Wraith -- creatures with some human traits, but still closer to the original insect form in many ways. (The Gift)

One reason he wanted to study Wraith physiology was to bring the expedition closer to being able to produce a biological weapon that would attack the Wraith but leave humans unharmed. (The Gift)

He wore a sidearm when the Wraith fleet was approaching. (The Siege part 2)

Using Ancient technology

When McKay tried to get him to use the command chair in the Ancient outpost on Earth, Beckett tried to beg off, which annoyed McKay tremendously. (Rising pt 1)

McKay convinced (bullied) him to try again, and got him to concentrate enough that Beckett managed to activate the chair. Unfortunately, he also activated the drone (energy squid) that was being studied in the outpost, which took off, wreaking a bit of havoc in the base before heading for the surface and targeting the helicopter carrying General Jack O'Neill and Major John Sheppard. (Rising pt 1)

He managed to deactivate it just seconds before it would have destroyed the helicopter -- but if Sheppard hadn't been such a good pilot (his evasive maneuvers gave Beckett enough time to figure out what he was doing), they would have been dead. (Rising pt 1)

At some point, he learned to more-or-less pilot a puddlejumper, as one of the few people with the gene available. (The Storm)

He was able to fly one into the city on an extremely steep trajectory, trying to avoid the worst of the storm. (The Eye)

When a Wraith dart was spotted heading straight for the city while Sheppard was offworld, Beckett got roped into flying the third of three puddlejumpers sent up in defense. Bates was flying shotgun, and wouldn't let Beckett back out, despite Beckett's worries about not being a good enough pilot. (The Brotherhood)

At Teyla's request he flew her to and from the mainland so she could talk to Charin, one of her people. The flight went very smoothly. (The Gift)

McKay and Zelenka tried to get him in the Ancient control chair on Atlantis to see if he could make it work, despite his misgivings because of his first experience in a control chair (where he nearly killed Sheppard and Jack O'Neill). He resisted long enough for Weir to arrive and claim him -- she had proof that his theory about Wraith evolution was correct, and had translated part of a Wraith data log that she needed him to see. He was extremely thankful, and left with her. (The Gift)

With Sheppard busy training new jumper pilots and deploying space mines, Beckett was tapped to test the Ancient control chair ('chair weapons platform') with the new Mark II naquadah generator hooked up to it. (The Siege part 2)

McKay and Zelenka tapped him again to help them with the chair while they were trying to figure out a way to remote-control the puddlejumpers. He wasn't happy about it, wanting them to ask someone else instead, but they wouldn't let him out of it. He managed to start the jumper from the chair. (The Siege part 2)

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Military, rank unknown.

He was part of the team that went to P3M-736 to try to find Ford. Sheppard assigned him to team up with Coughlin for the search. (Runner)

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Dr. Biro

Medical doctor (Hot Zone)

Possibly a pathologist, but that's purely speculation. (Hot Zone)

She was the doctor who did the autopsies on the victims of the viral contagion that had started killing the scientists who'd been exploring Atlantis searching for structural damage. (Hot Zone)

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Dr. Katie Brown

Botanist. (Duet)

She had a date set up with McKay, and mentioned it to other people, including Lt. Laura Cadman, at 'girls' poker night'. According to Cadman, Brown was excited about the date. (Duet)

The day before the date, she ran into McKay talking to himself (apparently) in the hallway - she bought his story that he'd been talking over the radio, apparently unaware that Lt. Cadman's consciousness was sharing space with McKay's mind. She also didn't seem to mind that McKay fumbled his way through the conversation. (Duet)

She was startled, to say the least, when Beckett showed up before McKay for the date -- Cadman had invited Beckett (who thought he was speaking to McKay) to join 'him' and Katie on the date, ostensibly to rescue McKay from any social flubs. In reality, she had a thing for Beckett, and basically wanted a double date. Beckett was appalled that McKay hadn't warned Katie that he was coming, but the two of them made the best of an awkward situation. When McKay showed up a minute later, equally surprised to see Beckett until he figured out what had happened, they all sat down to dinner together. (Duet)

Brown seemed pleased enough with how things went on the date, despite the oddities. (Duet)

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Lieutenant Laura Cadman, USMC

She was part of the new batch of personnel that came with the Daedalus after the siege of Atlantis. (Duet)


The nighttable in her quarters held several framed photos -- one of a German Shepherd in a 'Best Friend' frame, one of what seemed to be three girlfriends, and one of her parents standing with her at her graduation. (Duet)

Her work table/desk had several framed documents above it, and a framed set of what appears to be wings -- they can't all be hers, if she's a lieutenant. (Possibly a historical collection?) She also had another framed photo of just herself in full dress uniform sitting on the desk. (Duet)

She had a home gym set up, with an exercise bike (which looks like it doubles as something else as well), a mat on the floor, a jump rope, and one of those big inflatable balls, and some boxing-specific equipment: gloves, a speed bag, a body shield, and a freestanding heavy bag. (Duet)

She had a Marine Corps poster up on the wall near the gym stuff. (Duet)

While offworld as part of a combined team (Sheppard's, Lorne's, and the one she was on -- no idea who the team leader was), protecting McKay and Beckett, Cadman was culled by a Wraith dart, along with McKay -- she managed to push Beckett out of the way. The others shot down the dart before it could leave through the stargate, but she and McKay were still trapped inside, dematerialized and stored as data. (Duet)

There was only enough power left to rematerialize one of them, and it happened to be McKay. But Cadman's consciousness wound up sharing space in his mind. (Duet)

She was clearly freaked out by the situation, but didn't help matters by constantly demanding McKay's attention while he was trying to figure out how to fix it. She managed to make Rodney look nuts enough that Weir pulled him off the repairs and sent him to Heightmeyer, even though everyone believed him about Cadman being in his head. (Duet)

Heightmeyer got McKay to relax his control of his body, letting Cadman use his voice and confirm that she could move him physically. McKay freaked out a bit and took control back, and went back to work (with Cadman's agreement, more or less). (Duet)

Cadman decided to 'teach [Rodney] a few things' about women after seeing him fumble his way through a conversation with Katie Brown the day before they had a date. (Duet)

She also took control of his body the minute he fell asleep, heading off first to have a conversation with Beckett -- who thought he was talking to McKay -- about how terrific Cadman was, and also asking Beckett to 'ride shotgun' on McKay's date with Katie Brown, saying it would be helpful to have someone there to cut him off when he started making a fool of himself. Beckett agreed. After that she took McKay's body for a run, then headed back to her own quarters where she stripped them naked and went to bed. (Duet)

Beckett showed up as requested for the date, and Cadman basically took control of things from there (although she did keep the focus on McKay and Brown). (Duet)

personal note: I can't describe the date more completely, since I've never been able to actually watch it on anything other than fast-forward. If you need more details, check Gateworld or a transcript site. Sorry!

During an argument between the two of them at another session with Heightmeyer, the stress of having two consciousnesses battling for control of the brain's higher functions pushed McKay's body into a seizure that knocked them out and put them in the infirmary again. When they came to, Beckett told them what had happened and why, and said that one of them would have to completely cede control of the body to the other. Cadman volunteered, believing that McKay was more important to Atlantis. She immediately stopped using his vocal cords to speak and went back to only using her mental voice. (Duet)

She took control back briefly, just before they attempted to use the Wraith machine to dematerialize them so they could be separated properly. Since there was a good chance it could kill them both, she took the opportunity to kiss Beckett soundly. McKay was less than thrilled when he got control back and realized what had just happened. (Duet)

The procedure to separate them worked, and Cadman went back to being herself. (Duet)

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Colonel Steven Caldwell

See Caldwell.

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Dr. Corrigan

(nb: I got the name from the SciFi cast listing -- it was never given in canon)

An anthropologist attached to Sgt. Stackhouse's team. (Suspicion)

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Probably military, probably US (from the accent). (Runner)

He was assigned to Major Lorne's offworld team. He and Reed stayed behind to secure the gate while Lorne and the scientist returned to Atlantis with the body of the dead Wraith they found. (Runner)

When Sheppard brought a search team back, Coughlin was teamed with Billick to hunt for Ford. (Runner)

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Dr. Dumais X

She was one of the scientists surveying the city after the storm to check for damage. (Hot Zone)

She was the third to die from the viral infection. (mid-2004) (Hot Zone)

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Teyla Emmagen

Athosian woman who joined the Atlantis expedition.

See Teyla for full details.

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Colonel Dillon Everett, USMC

He was a personal friend of Colonel Marshall Sumner, having served with him for many years, and was angry that Sheppard had killed him instead of saving him. He didn't understand what the Wraith had done to Sumner, and why Sheppard had to do what he did. (The Siege part 2)

He headed the relief troops (including either US Army paratroopers or USAF pararescue -- several of his men were in maroon berets, making them one or the other) sent through the stargate by Stargate Command when the SGC got hold of a working ZPM. (The Siege part 2)

At some point soon after arriving, he got the ATA gene therapy, which worked for him. (The Siege part 2)

Barely through the gate, he relieved Weir (fairly condescendingly), cancelled the self-destruct, and rescinded the evacuation order. As ranking military officer, he assumed military command as well. (The Siege part 2)

He intended to leave Weir out of the decision-making process entirely, since the base was caught up in a military situation. She wasn't happy about that decision, and Sheppard backed her, saying that Everett was going to alienate everyone on the base if he kept Weir out of the loop. Everett relented, letting her attend the briefing where he explained the plan to defend Atlantis -- then overly politely asked Sheppard to carry out his order to contact the alpha site and begin retrieving personnel, and telling him that that was the last time he'd give Sheppard an order twice. (The Siege part 2)

While preparations were being made to defend the city (weapons set up, etc.), Everett found Teyla sparring with an Athosian man. He was relatively polite and complimentary, but told her he wanted her to stay out of the way during the battle -- despite Sheppard's assurances that Teyla wouldn't fall under the Wraiths's influence again, he didn't trust her enough to let her take part. (The Siege part 2)

After the first wave of the Wraith attack -- darts assaulting the city -- Everett went out into the city with teams to take care of the Wraith who'd beamed in. While doing that, he cleared Weir to go talk to the Genii about getting the Genii prototype nukes for Atlantis's use agains the Wraith. (The Siege part 2)

When Weir returned with the prototypes, Everett was impressed, and seemed to have settled in a little bit -- he apologized for being in her chair (after commandeering her office as his own) and was generally much friendlier to her. (The Siege part 2)

During the second wave of attacks, Everett was out in the city hunting for Wraith as they beamed in. One caught him by surprise, and although Everett shot him several times at point-blank range with a pistol, the Wraith started feeding on him. (The Siege part 2)

He wound up going hand to hand (or at least, pistol to hand) against a Wraith when the city was invaded -- he fired all his rounds into the Wraith without even slowing it down. The Wraith slammed a hand into Everett's chest and began feeding off him, until a soldier on the ground managed to shoot it several times with an automatic weapon. (The Siege part 3)

After being victim to a Wraith -- he was aged what appeared to be several decades, and was made infirm by the attack -- Everett understood why Sheppard had killed Sumner, and went so far as to say 'I wish you'd been there for me'. (The Siege part 3)

He was shipped back to Earth with the other wounded. (The Siege part 3)

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(military, rank unknown)

One of the soldiers who came with Colonel Everett's relief forces. He manned one of the rail guns during the Wraith attack on the city -- he and his crew were swept up by a Wraith beam. He may be dead. (The Siege part 2)

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Lt. Aiden Ford

See Ford for full details.

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Dr. Brendan Gall X

Civlian scientist, probably an astronomer or astrophysicist.

He got motion sick, even if there's no perceptible motion -- the knowledge that he's in a moving vehicle was sufficient to trigger it. (The Defiant One)

He was part of the SGC -- when he got a look at the satellite, he said it was 'as large as a Goa'uld mothership'. (The Defiant One)

He was the one who discovered the Lagrangian Point satellite. (The Defiant One)

A 'Lagrangian Point' satellite is basically one that's positioned directly between a planet and its sun, at a distance where the planet's gravitational pull offsets the increased speed of the closer-to-the-sun orbit, to the degree that the satellite's solar orbit matches the planet's solar orbit.

NB: I'm not an expert in astronomy or astrophysics in any way, and if I've screwed up that explanation, I would very much appreciate being told so I can fix it.

While investigating the downed Wraith supply ship that they found on the planet below the satellite, he and Abrams were found and taken by a Wraith. Abrams was killed instantly, while Gall was incapaciated (paralyzed from the shoulders down) and lightly cocooned -- still conscious. (The Defiant One)

The Wraith fed off him a bit, taking a chunk of years of his life, to get Gall to give up the location of the puddlejumper. It worked -- Gall gave him the info and the Wraith took his remote. (The Defiant One)

He was convinced he was dying, and tried to talk McKay into leaving him behind to go help Sheppard. When McKay wouldn't, Gall shot himself in the head to free McKay to go. (mid-2004) (The Defiant One)

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Dr. Peter Grodin X

Wears a UK flag patch.

One of the civilian scientists, clearly familiar with Ancient technology. (Rising pt 1)

On the Ancient outpost on Earth, he was studying a dormant drone (energy squid) to see what made it tick. (Rising pt 1)

On Atlantis, he was working with McKay to figure out the gate controls. (Rising pt 1)

He seemed to work fairly closely and often with Weir, functioning almost as an aide sometimes. (various eps)

When McKay was testing the personal shield he'd activated, he invited Grodin to hit him. Grodin promptly punched hard at McKay's face, hurting his hand and wrist badly enough to need them wrapped. (Hide and Seek)

He apparently developed or instituted the self-destruct system for Atlantis, to ensure that the Wraith were never able to dial Earth even if Atlantis was attacked. (Hide and Seek)

He was part of the team of scientists trying to figure out a way to get a stuck puddlejumper out of an active stargate before the wormhole collapsed. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

When McKay and Zelenka declared a level-four quarantine on the scientists exploring the city (including themselves) after two of them started hallucinating and died, Grodin not only approved of their actions but suggested to Weir that they institute a self-regulating quarantine throughout the city. He was concerned that McKay's team might have stumbled onto the Ancients' plague and become infected, and believed they needed to take every precaution to keep it from spreading, just in case. (Hot Zone)

Once Chaya initialized the internal-external biometric sensor array, Grodin set to work figuring it out, getting the basics down pretty quickly. (Sanctuary)

He was part of the small team (along with McKay and their pilot, Lt. Miller) that went to the Ancient weapons platform to try to power it up before the Wraith arrived, hoping for any advantage they could get. He stayed aboard the puddlejumper with Miller while McKay suited up and went to hook up a naquadah generator on the satellite to get life support going. (The Siege part 1)

Once there was air, he and Miller joined the (now-unsuited) McKay in the main chamber. When life support was at 100% and there was lighting, Grodin found the gravity button, and pushed it -- with McKay still floating halfway up the shaft. McKay hit pretty hard when he landed on the floor, and was not thrilled with Grodin. (The Siege part 1)

When they realized someone was going to have to go EVA to reroute some circuits to bring the weapon completely on-line, they tried rock-paper-scissors first, then when that didn't work, drew 'straws' -- pieces of broken pencil. Grodin drew first, and got a long piece. (The Siege part 1)

After Rodney rerouted the weapon's power, the jumper couldn't dock properly again, and Grodin realized that they'd inadvertantly routed power away from the docking and airlock mechanisms. With no time to reroute the power again, and basically no chance of surviving a manual docking/airlock maneuver -- he had no spacesuit to protect him from depressurization -- Grodin told McKay and Miller to leave him, saying he'd power down the satellite until the Wraith were close enough, to add to the element of surprise. He told them to get to a safe distance and come back for him when it was all over. (The Siege part 1)

He powered up the system as planned, and the satellite took out the first of the hive ships. But the rerouted circuits couldn't handle the power, and overloaded, leaving the weapon useless. Grodin tried to fix the problem, but had no time: the remaining hive ships destroyed the satellite with him still on it. (late 2004) (The Siege part 1)

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Military, rank unknown.

Part of a combined team (Sheppard's, Lorne's, and the one he was on -- no idea who the team leader was) that was searching a world for survivors of a Wraith attack when McKay and Lt. Cadman were both culled by the same dart and trapped as data inside when it was shot down. Sheppard told Hansen to radio back to Atlantis to get Zelenka there ASAP. (Duet)

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Dr. Hayes X

One of the scientists doing a survey of the city to check for structural damage after the storm. He was in a group with McKay, Zelenka, and Ford. (Hot Zone)

He and McKay got infected by Dumais at the same time, when they crossed paths with her shortly after she crossed paths with Johnson and Wagner. They both developed the hallucinations at roughly the same time, from minor to more and more real. (Hot Zone)

Shortly after being hooked up to a heart monitor, he suffered a final hallucination, then a brain aneurysm above his visual cortex, like the others. He was the fifth to die. (mid-2004) (Hot Zone)

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Dr. Kate Heightmeyer

The expedition's psychologist. (The Gift)

At Sheppard's request, she went to talk to Teyla informally about some of the stress Teyla had been under -- it didn't go well. Teyla wasn't happy that Sheppard had done so, and walked away as soon as she realized what was going on. Teyla eventually returned of her own volition, seeking Heightmeyer out in her office, to talk about her nightmares and how much they were disturbing her. (The Gift)

When it was discovered that Teyla had Wraith DNA, Heightmeyer helped her through her initial reactions and fears. (The Gift)

When Weir learned that Teyla could have the ability to hear Wraith thoughts by tapping into the Wraith telepathic network, Heightmeyer theorized that over several generations, the Athosians with the Wraith DNA had developed a defensive mental block to prevent them from hearing the voices (and likely going mad, from basically being inside a Wraith brain). She suggested hypnotizing Teyla to help her get through the block. (The Gift)

The 'hypnosis' basically consisted of giving Teyla a mild sedative and telling her to focus on the 'cold, dark feeling' deep inside that was the feeling Teyla got when she sensed Wraith. (The Gift)

McKay, with Lt. Laura Cadman's consciousness ensconced in his mind, was sent to see Heightmeyer when his apparently random outbursts (when Cadman's internal dialogue annoyed him sufficiently to yell) disturbed Weir enough that she wanted him to seek help in dealing with the problem. (Duet)

Heightmeyer freely admitted that she had no qualifications to help in this particular situation, disarming McKay just enough to get him to talk a little more. When he said Cadman was just a passenger in his head, and that therefore he clearly mattered more, Heightmeyer got him to see that if their positions had been reversed (as had been equally likely to have happened), he would have wanted a certain level of autonomy, certainly enough to talk directly to people without going through Cadman. Once he'd admitted that, she got him to relax and give up control, allowing Cadman first to speak with his voice, then to physically move his hand. McKay freaked out a bit and decided that was enough, he wanted to go back to work. He more or less had Cadman's agreement on that, so Heightmeyer let him go. (Duet)

When they came back for another session, arguing vehemently about fairness and control, they managed to drive McKay's body into a seizure right in front of her. (Duet)

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See Hermiod.

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Dr. Johnson X

One of the scientists surveying the city after the storm to check for danger. (Hot Zone)

Along with Wagner, she was one of the first to get infected with the virus, and died soon after. (mid-2004) (Hot Zone)

top | I-M

Dr. Kavanagh

Originally a part of the SGC -- he joined the Atlantis expedition because he'd had it 'up to here' with the military running things, and hoped that a situation with a civilian leader would be more to his liking. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

One of the team of scientists working to find a way to get a stuck puddlejumper out of an active stargate before the wormhole collapsed. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He got into an argument with Simpson about the possibility of the jumper exploding before they could get it repaired, in which case the jumper would break up and the the full force of the explosion would follow the burning fragments through the stargate like a bomb into the gateroom. He was focused on the notion that it would, while she believed it to be at best a marginal risk. The other scientists in the room agreed with her, and Weir decided it was worth the risk to continue what they were doing. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

After Weir first agreed with the other scientists, then told Kavanagh 'Worry a little bit more about their lives, and less about your own ass,' Kavanagh lost it, and approached her outside the conference room to yell at her for 'humiliating' him in front of his research team. He was totally focused on himself and what he wanted. She threatened to exile him to a barren world by himself if he didn't get back to work. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

Despite his ego, he did go back to trying to solve the problem, and in the end was the one to figure out that they needed to blow the rear hatch to gain enough momentum to make it through the gate. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

When given the opportunity to video-record a personal message to send home to a loved one, he recorded one for General Jack O'Neill instead, listing off everything that he felt Weir had done wrong since the moment they arrived. (Letters from Pegasus)

He'd been keeping a record of Weir's 'questionable activities' and detailed it in the message for Jack. (Letters from Pegasus)

During a meeting of what appeared to be various senior personnel, Kavanagh was scornful of the idea of staying to fight the Wraith, pointing out that 'tens of thousands of life-sucking aliens in highly advanced spaceships on their way to destroy us. And we have what, 200 people? Most of whom are scientists who've never even fired a gun before?'

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Dr. Kusanagi

One of the scientists. She either had the Ancient gene naturally or had successfully been given the ATA gene therapy -- when McKay and Zelenka needed someone to try to activate the Ancient control chair (after Weir took Beckett away to do other things), they resorted to Kusanagi 'again'. (The Gift)

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Lindstrom X

Nationality: USA

Part of the Atlantis contingent aboard the Daedalus on the trip back from Earth with new personnel and supplies. He went with McKay to check power distribution during the investigation into what had caused Dr. Monroe's death. (The Intruder)

He found something in the logs, but before he could tell McKay what it was, a coolant leak was triggered in the room they were in. McKay got out, but Lindstrom got caught in a coolant-spray stream, badly damaging one hand. Unable to follow McKay to the hallway, he took shelter in an airlock, sealing himself away from the contaminated room. The door to space opened while he was in there, jettisoning him. He would have died within seconds. (The Intruder)

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Major Lorne

US military. (Runner)

Part of the new contingent on Atlantis after the siege, carried there on the Daedalus. (Runner)

Has a dryly snarky sense of humor, deadpan and sharp, easily enough to hold his own against McKay. (Runner)

He commanded an offworld team including Coughlin, Reed, and Dr. Parrish (a botanist). On what was probably their first mission together offworld, to P3M-736, they discovered a dead Wraith and brought it back to Atlantis to determine how it had died. When Beckett found evidence that it might have been Ford (the enzyme sack was missing), Lorne was part of the extended team (himself, Coughlin, Reed, Billick, Sherman, Teyla, Sheppard, and McKay) that went back under Sheppard to search for him.(Runner)

When Sheppard and Teyla went missing during the hunt, Lorne took over command of the search with the remaining searchers and the additions Weir sent from Atlantis to help. (Runner)

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Sergeant Markham,  USMC X

(He was wearing a Marine uniform in The Defiant One)

He was piloting the puddlejumper carrying the wounded Sheppard when it got stuck halfway through a stargate, trapping him and Stackhouse in the front section inside the wormhole. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

nb: A look around showed me that most people think Stackhouse was piloting the jumper, which is possible, but the man riding shotgun looked like Stackhouse to me, so my guess is that Markham was the pilot. In addition, Sheppard says 'Go tell Markham to get ready for takeoff' -- also implying to me that Markham was the pilot.

He was the pilot Ford chose to go on the just-in-case rescue mission to another planet in the solar system (roughly 15 hours away by jumper), where Sheppard, McKay, Abrams, and Gall were investigating an old distress call. (The Defiant One)

When a Wraith dart was spotted headed straight for Atlantis, Markham went up in a puddlejumper with Smith aboard to help defend the city. The dart came in behind them and blew them out of the sky before they even saw it. He died along with Smith when their jumper exploded. (2004) (The Brotherhood)

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Dr. Rodney McKay

See McKay for full details.

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Lieutenant Miller

He had the Ancient gene, either naturally or by ATA gene therapy. (The Siege part 1)

He was assigned to be the pilot who carried McKay and Grodin to the weapons platform in Atlantica's system, in hopes of powering it up to defend against the oncoming Wraith. (The Siege part 1)

When Grodin and McKay figured out that someone was going to have to go EVA outside the satellite to reroute the weapon's stored energy, Miller suggested choosing by using rock-paper-scissors. The other two agreed, but each of the three picked a different thing, making it useless. Miller broke a pencil into three pieces instead, so they could draw 'straws'. (The Siege part 1)

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Doctor Monroe X

Nationality: unknown

Part of either the Atlantis contingent or the Daedalus crew. He was the first to die in the series of murders aboard the Daedalus on its trip back from Earth with the debriefed Atlantis personnel, additional personnel, and supplies. (The Intruder)

He'd been working on enabling computer security protocols designed to isolate and shut down corrupted programs. He was killed before he could finish. (The Intruder)

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Dr. Lindsey Novak

See Novak.

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(military, rank unknown)

He was part of either security team 1 or security team 2, and was assigned to gate duty with Smitty when Sumner, Sheppard, and the rest of the two security teams went to meet with Teyla after they made first contact with the Athosians. (Rising pt 1)

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Doctor Parrish

Botanist assigned to Major Lorne's offworld team. (Runner)

He believed that the plant life on P3M-736 soaked up the intense radiation during the day, holding enough residual radiation at night to make a puddlejumper's sensors pretty much useless. (Runner)

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Dr. Peterson X

One of the scientists surveying the city after the storm to check for damage. (Hot Zone)

He knew almost as much about Ancient technology as McKay. (Hot Zone)

He was a little freaked out at the thought of being quarantined in the area where Johnson and Wagner had died, wanting to return immediately to the main part of the city because he felt fine. When he tried to go back initially, though, two guards stopped him and politely made him follow the other scientists. (Hot Zone)

As Dumais was dying, he saw a ghostly image and freaked out even more, sneaking out of the lab to get back to the city where he thought he'd be safe. (Hot Zone)

He managed to jimmy some locked doors and get into corridors heading straight for stargate operations. (Hot Zone)

Eventually Sheppard and Teyla, in hazmat suits, intercepted him and told him he had to go back to the other scientists. He freaked some more, swearing he was fine, then promising to go voluntarily if they'd quarantine him in the medlab alone instead. While they were checking in with Weir, he made a break for a nearby transporter, managing to signal it to go even as he got shot by Sheppard. (Hot Zone)

He made it to the cafeteria, staggering up a short flight of stairs to the eating area before collapsing and dying in front of about 25 people. He was the fourth to die of the infection. (mid-2004) (Hot Zone)

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Captain Radner

One of the soldiers who came with Colonel Everett's relief forces. He manned one of the rail guns during the Wraith attack on the city. (The Siege part 2)

He later led a team against the Wraith in the city. Command lost contact around the time the Daedalus arrived and beamed down the ZPM. (The Siege part 3)

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Military, rank unknown.

He was assigned to Major Lorne's offworld team. He and Coughlin stayed behind to secure the gate while Lorne and the scientist returned to Atlantis with the body of the dead Wraith they found. (Runner)

When Sheppard brought a search team back, Reed  was teamed with Sherman to guard the gate while the others hunted for Ford in teams of two. (Runner)

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Sadetan man who joined the Atlanteans after Ford vanished.

See Ronon for full details.

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Military, rank unknown.

He was part of the team that went to P3M-736 to try to find Ford. Sheppard assigned him to team up with Reed to guard the gate while the others hunted for Ford in teams of two. (Runner)

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Major John Sheppard

See Sheppard for full details.

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Dr. Simpson

Part of the team of scientists trying to figure out a way to get a stuck puddlejumper out of an active stargate before the wormhole collapsed. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

She was the one who came up with the idea of closing the bulkhead door to turn the rear section of the jumper into a lifeboat, in case the wormhole shut down and cut them off, exposing them to vacuum. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

She got into an argument with Kavanagh about the possibility of the jumper exploding before they could get it repaired, in which case the jumper would break up and the the full force of the explosion would follow the burning fragments through the stargate like a bomb into the gateroom. He was focused on the notion that it would, while she believed it to be at best a marginal risk. The other scientists in the room agreed with her, and Weir decided it was worth the risk to continue what they were doing. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

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Smith (aka Smitty) X

(military, rank unknown)

Undoubtedly actually 'Smith' , but Smitty's the name they said during Rising, so Smitty he is until further notice.

Smith was killed during The Brotherhood, and my assumption is that it's the same man.

He was part of either security team 1 or security team 2, and was assigned to gate duty with Parker when Sumner, Sheppard, and the rest of the two security teams went to meet with Teyla after they made first contact with the Athosians. (Rising pt 1)

He was in the puddlejumper piloted by Markham that went up to defend Atlantis against an incoming Wraith dart. The dart came in behind them and blew them out of the sky before they even saw it. He died along with Markham when their jumper exploded. (2004) (The Brotherhood)

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Sergeant Stackhouse

He was part of the rescue mission to recover Sumner and the others from the Wraith stronghold -- he stayed near the puddlejumper to protect it (and presumably to be available to provide backup if need be). (Rising pt 2)

When Sheppard needed a diversion so that he could break Teyla, Halling, Bates, and the rest out of a Wraith holding cell, Stackhouse provided it. (Rising pt 2)

He was teamed with Ford to stand sentry near one of the naquadah generators when the city was dealing with the shadow entity. When they got trapped in a section with the entity, Stackhouse made it safely into a room that Ford was jimmying open, but Ford didn't. Stackhouse got him medical attention. (Hide and Seek)

He was trapped in the front section of a puddlejumper that got stuck halfway through a wormhole. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

nb: Looking around I saw that most people believed Stackhouse to be piloting the jumper, but to me, it looked like he was the one riding shotgun, making Markham the pilot.

He was in charge of an offworld reconnaissance team, and on three different occasions brought Halling along as his guide, to help build relations between the team and some of the Athosians' former trading partners. (Suspicion)

He and his team accompanied Sheppard's team on the first offworld mission after the gate was reopened when the Athosians moved to the mainland. When Sheppard went down under a Wraith stunner, Stackhouse took command. (Ford was some distance away at the time.) (Suspicion)

His team was assigned to check out five more possible alpha sites, after the expedition lost their first choice to Wraith and their second choice to dinosaurs. One of them turned out to be suitable. (The Siege part 1)

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Colonel Marshall Sumner, USMC X

Original commander of the military part of the Atlantis expedition, although Weir remained in overall command. (Rising pt. 1)

He was clearly SGC, but it's not clear what unit he was with prior to joining the Atlantis expedition. (Rising pt 1)

He was less than pleased to have Sheppard under his command, to say the least -- he'd heard about Sheppard's direct disobeying of an order in Afghanistan, and wanted to be sure that Sheppard understood that he wouldn't tolerate any violating of the chain of command. (Rising pt 1)

He led security teams 1 and 2 through the stargate for the expedition's first trip offworld, to Athos. (Rising pt 1)

He was clearly comfortable leading an offworld mission, suggesting a fair amount of experience in a field unit with the SGC. (Rising pt 1)

He was one of the three people (along with Sheppard and Ford) who went to start discussions with Teyla of the Athosians, hoping to negotiate for a place to live and possibly supplies.(Rising pt 1)

For someone who'd served at the SGC, he was strangely impatient with the Athosians, particularly Teyla, when they first started talking -- emergency situation on Atlantis or not, he should have known that it's important to attend to the local courtesies before presenting lists of things you want. (Rising pt 1)

He was a little freaked out by the illusions the Wraith were casting during their raid, since he didn't know that's what was happening. As soon as Sheppard clued him in, though, he recovered and ordered his people to start taking out the ships, ignoring the illusions. Moments after he got Bates to get it together enough to blow away one of the Wraith ships, both of them were culled/snatched. (Rising pt 2)

When the Wraith selected him as their next meal, he didn't have the sense to be scared -- at first. He didn't truly understand what the Wraith did to their captives until he got to the dining room, where the dessicated husk of the Athosian who'd been picked before him sat in a chair at the table, with nothing left to identify him but his clothing. As the Wraith talked to him, he gradually realized that they truly did consider humans nothing but a food source, and that he was about to be dinner. (Rising pt 2)

Against his will, he gave up the information that he was from Earth, and although he didn't give the Wraith any definite numbers, they found out enough to know that there were 'more than millions' of people there. The Wraith female started sucking his lifeforce out, demanding he give her Earth's location -- he wouldn't do it. (Rising pt 2)

As she got near to the end of his life, she was shot several times, to no real effect. Sumner spotted Sheppard and nodded to him to shoot Sumner, instead -- Sheppard did, after a moment, straight through the Wraith hand that was sucking Sumner dry. Sumner died instantly. (early 2004) (Rising pt 2)

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Dr. Wagner X

One of the scientists surveying the city after the storm to check for danger. (Hot Zone)

Along with Johnson, he was one of the first to be infected by the virus, and died soon after. (mid-2004) (Hot Zone)

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Dr. Elizabeth Weir

Head of the Atlantis expedition.

See Weir for full details.

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military, rank unknown

Part of Sgt. Stackhouse's team. (Suspicion)

When Sheppard was hit by a Wraith stunner, Yamato and McKay dragged him to the stargate. (Suspicion)

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Dr. Radek Zelenka

General info


'Radek' first used in canon (by McKay) in The Siege part 1.

He's left-handed.

Wore his sidearm strapped to his left thigh. (The Siege part 2)

Original timeline

He was aboard the 'gateship' (puddlejumper) fitted the time-travel device, along with Weir and Sheppard, when the city's shields failed completely, drowning everyone else. They got away when Sheppard managed to inadvertantly trigger the ship's time-travel device and send them back 10,000 years, but they landed in the middle of a Wraith attack, with no idea what was going on. He died when the ship was shot down and landed on the ocean floor. (Before I Sleep)

Current timeline

Part of the team of scientists trying to figure out a way to get a stuck puddlejumper out of an active stargate before the wormhole collapsed. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

Instead of working with the others in the conference room, Zelenka went straight to Puddlejumper 2 and started working on a simulation there. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

He figured out the control pathways to the engine pod, significantly increasing the chances of fixing the problem. (Thirty-Eight Minutes)

While he and McKay were in a puddlejumper doing some research, he touched something that triggered the jumper bay's retractable ceiling for the first time since they'd arrived, three months earlier. Neither he nor McKay had had any idea the ceiling could retract. (Suspicion)

Appears to have become the (or at least *a*) puddlejumper expert. (Childhood's End)

When the puddlejumper carrying Sheppard's team crash-landed and they were discussing heading back for the stargate, Sheppard said 'Zelenka and I can return and fix it' -- without any objection from McKay. (Childhood's End)

He worked with McKay on figuring out how to protect Atlantis from the massive storm heading its way. (The Storm)

They work well together, even when they get snitty at each other. (The Storm, Hot Zone)

He was part of the team of scientists looking for any structural damage from the storm throughout the city and outlying areas. (Hot Zone)

He'd been given the ATA gene therapy some time after it became available, but it didn't work for him. (Hot Zone)

He inadvertantly discovered Atlantis's deep-space sensors when he went to repair a console for one of the control-center technicians. He eventually managed to interface them with the expedition's computers so he could understand what they were telling him. (The Brotherhood)

When given the opportunity to video-record a personal message to send home to a loved one, he sent a message back, in Czech, about how the city had risen off the ocean floor when they'd arrived, describing it in what appeared to be great detail (and great wonder and delight). Then seemed a bit puzzled when Ford asked if he'd said anything that would require security clearance. (Letters from Pegasus)

He and McKay had a bet about when the Wraith evolved -- Zelenka believed it was after the Ancients arrived in the Pegasus galaxy, McKay believed it was before. When Weir arrived in the control-chair room to tell Beckett (whom they were trying to get to activate the chair) that his their about post-Ancient-arrival Wraith evolution was correct, Zelenka immediately demanded that McKay pay up. (The Gift)

During a briefing, although McKay was the one standing to brief everyone, Zelenka was clearly part of the 'we should go and power up the weapons platform' voice -- he backed McKay all the way on it, helping to explain why it was a good idea. (The Siege part 1)

When McKay was packing to go on the mission, Zelenka tried to convince him to stay behind with the city and let Zelenka go to the satellite, since McKay knew far more about the city than McKay. McKay refused, but was smugly pleased, saying that Zelenka had admitted that McKay was smarter than him. Zelenka was outraged and the two of them sniped at each other for a moment before shaking hands, while McKay asked Zelenka to 'take care of my city' and Zelenka earnestly wished him good luck. (The Siege part 1)

He put together a simulation of how the self-destruct they'd set up would affect the city -- it would break it into several pieces, all of which would sink to the ocean floor. Weir seemed impressed, but Zelenka pointed out that it wasn't nearly good enough -- Atlantis is more than just a physical city, it's an intergalactic spacecraft. He believed that the Wraith would be able to reverse-engineer their own intergalactic engine from the wreckage, and still make it to Earth. While breaking the city up into smaller pieces would help, he was more concerned about the Ancient database, with its 'incredibly redundant' backups. If they could get hold of even the smallest section of it, they might be able to put together an engine that would get them to Earth. (The Siege part 1)

To keep the Wraith from gaining access to the database, Zelenka developed a computer virus that could be downloaded as part of the self-destruct sequence, which would wipe the database out. (The Siege part 1)

When Beckett announced that there was a Wraith in the city, Zelenka thought of a way to track it: he took a biometric sensor the expedition had discovered in the control room and narrowed its focus, successfully locating the Wraith. (The Siege part 1)

He was wearing a sidearm when the Wraith armada was on approach to Atlantis. (The Siege part 2)

He and McKay worked together to hook up the chair platform to the Mark II naquadah generator, then later teamed up again to try to figure out a way to use the chair to remote-control the puddlejumpers, so the jumpers could be used as weapons directly against hive ships. (The Siege part 2)

Almost immediately after doing that, he and McKay had to start working on completing the Genii prototype nuclear bombs, which were sent through unfinished. By this point, both of them were running on stimulants to stay awake and functional. (The Siege part 2)

With McKay, he figured out a way to use the ZPM and a puddlejumper's cloaking mechanism to cloak the entire city, hiding it from the Wraith. (The Siege part 3)

He went offworld for the first time when McKay and Lt. Cadman were both culled by a Wraith dart that was then shot down, leaving them trapped inside as stored data. He figured out how to do the rematerializing, but there was only enough power to recover one life sign. At Sheppard's choice, he recovered the one that turned out to be McKay's physical body -- but with Cadman's consciousness mixed in. (Duet)

When McKay started making mistakes in his calculations about repairing the dart, to the point that things started blowing, Zelenka had no qualms about calling him on it and kicking him out to let Zelenka handle the main work. (Duet)

Speech patterns

(I'm not doing this for everyone, I've just seen this come up in fanfic, so...)

He sometimes leaves some articles (the, a...) out when he's speaking aloud, but not all of them, and not all the time.

'Yes, well, maybe if people stop insisting on having food and liquid in such close proximity to the ten-thousand-year-old equipment...!' (The Brotherhood)

'Yes, well, no one did. From what I can tell, they've been running silently in background along with our other primary systems.' (The Brotherhood)

'You are the loop.' (The Brotherhood)

'We scanned the area with our deep-space sensors --' [McKay: 'We have deep-space sensors?'] 'Yeah, it's, it's long story.'

'I was finally able to interface our computers with the Atlantian long-range sensors. ... There's an unidentified craft, about the size of a Wraith dart, heading for the city.' (The Brotherhood)

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