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Proculans (Chaya's people)

General info

(NB: I made up the race name -- one was never given in canon, or on the official SciFi site. But Proculans sounded reasonable to me. )

Planet (village?): Proculus (Sanctuary)

nb: closed-captioning rendered this as " Proculis" , but the SciFi site has " Proculus" and that looks closer to the pronunciation to me, so that's the one I'm going with. Either spelling can be considered correct, though.

Their clothing was colorful and comfortable -- skirts for everyone, with halter tops for the women, in blue, green, yellow, red, and orange (solid colors, and no mixing -- a green skirt would be worn with a green top). (Sanctuary)

The abbots dressed differently, in long red robes that covered them to wrists and ankles, with cowled necks. (Sanctuary)

There was a lot of body art (tattooes on both men and women, including arms, chest, and back) and other decoration (necklaces, etc.) (Sanctuary)

No strangers had come to the village for years -- at least during Zarah's lifetime, maybe longer. The Wraith had never attacked or raided, not in thousands of years. (Sanctuary)

Chaya told Beckett that her people never suffered any disease or illness, and only rarely suffered things like broken bones -- which healed rapdily. (Sanctuary)

When Weir offered Chaya a " land lease" deal, where the Proculans would allow refugees to settle in exchange for aid and knowledge rendered by the Atlantians -- technology shared at a pace that would let the Proculans become industrialized without destroying their environment, or help with building materials -- Chaya turned it down, saying they grew enough food to feed themselves, and had plenty of timber for building and iron ore to forge into whatever metal goods they might need. Instead, she asked for spiritual knowledge, saying that was what her people valued most. (Sanctuary)



The villagers worshipped Athar, " the provider and protector of all." (Sanctuary)

Chaya was the high priestess of Athar, as far as the villagers knew. She lived apart from the village but was accessible to them, and told them what Athar wanted of them. (Sanctuary)

In reality, she was an Ascendant -- she herself was Athar. (Sanctuary)

Although the head of the religion was a woman, and they worshipped a goddess, all the abbots appeared to be men. (Sanctuary)


Known   Proculans

Chaya Sar

The " high priestess" of Athar, as far as anyone in the village knew. In reality, she was an ascended Ancient -- she herself was Athar. (Sanctuary)

She lived a fairly long walk from the village -- long enough that McKay thought they should have taken the puddlejumper to go see her. (Sanctuary)

When Sheppard's team arrived, she met with them and expressed sympathy for the plight of those affected by the Wraith, but claimed to have no knowledge of the Wraith, the wider galaxy, or the weapon that protected her planet. (Sanctuary)

At their request to use uninhabited parts of the planet for refugees from the Wraith, she went to " consult" with their " divine mother" , and returned with the news that Athar would only allow her own people to live on the planet, although she " does not doubt the rigtheousness of [their] mission" . (Sanctuary)

She accepted Sheppard's offer to go through the stargate to Atlantis to see for herself what the Atlantians were like. While there, she accepted the medical examination without a qualm. (Sanctuary)

The exam showed that she was the picture of health. (Sanctuary)

Her bloodwork showed no viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection (Sanctuary)

Her MRI showed no tumors or cancers, no heart defects  of any kind (Sanctuary)

Her blood pressure was 130 over 70 total cholesterol was 107 (Sanctuary)

She had absolutely no sign of any of the diseases or congenital conditions common to pre-technological societies. (Sanctuary)

She was having a good time flirting with and snogging Sheppard, but reacted to McKay's distrust and suspicion with fairly obvious dislike. She called him on it during a meeting, but was caught flat-footed when he announced that she must be an Ancient. (Sanctuary)

While she was reasonably impressed with the information about Earth's spiritual pursuits (all Western religions, although she may have read about more), she was less than pleased to find out that at any given moment, there was a war happening somewhere on Earth. (Sanctuary)

Almost immediately after being found out as an Ancient and huffing away from the meeting rather than give more information, she sensed her people being attacked by the Wraith, and returned to her Ascended form to go home. (Sanctuary)


One of the abbots of Proculis. (Sanctuary)

He was the first of his people to greet Sheppard's team, welcoming them to the village and sitting down with them to chat. (Sanctuary)



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