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General info

Traders. (Underground)

They made a deal with Sergeant Bates to trade for a small amount of food -- it's not known what the Atlantians gave in return. (Underground)

The culture " feels" fairly well off -- the room where Smeadon met with Sheppard and Ford had a long table with ornately carved chairs, many ornate candleabra on the table, and paintings on the wall, all giving an impression of slightly old-fashioned wealth. (The Storm)

When Atlantis was about to be hit with a gigantic storm, the Manarians (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to let the entire population shelter on their world for one or two nights. (The Storm)


Known Manarians


The apparent leader of the Manarians. (The Storm)

He's the one who dealt with Sheppard and Ford -- there were other Manarians in the room, but only Smeadon spoke, and he made the decision to allow the Atlantians to stay without consulting anyone else. (The Storm)

At first he believed he had the upper hand -- he had something they needed, while he needed nothing from them -- and was clearly going to milk that for all it was worth. When Ford made a show of putting his P-90 on the table, Smeadon twigged that creating enemies here was not a good idea, and agreed to let them stay in return for an unnamed future favor. (The Storm)

Very sharp, quick to pick up on things. (The Storm)

He was in contact with the Genii, particularly Cowen. After the Atlantians went back home, he contacted Cowen through a relay station, sending word along that he had something to trade. (The Storm)

While waiting for the Genii to arrive, he got an Athosian -- on Manara because of the storm threatening Atlantis -- drunk, specifically to be able to take and hand over his GDO to Kolya of the Genii. (The Storm)

Kolya was pleased, and promised Smeadon his service to the Genii would be remembered. Smeadon seemed very happy about that. (The Storm)



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Miscellaneous Races

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