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General info

Planet: Dagan

At the time that Sheppard's team met them and started working with them to find the " potentia" , the local culture was basically at a Renaissance level of development. (The Brotherhood)

They were researching everything they could find about their past, all at the same time, trying to learn as much as possible. (The Brotherhood)


The dominant culture was the Suderians. (The Brotherhood)

nb: no idea on spelling there at all -- that's a total guess from McKay's almost-mumbled rendition of " Suderian" .

According to legend, an Ancient from Atlantis came through the stargate and entrusted a sect of Suderian priests (the Brotherhood of the Fifteen, or Quindozum) with a " rare treasure" , or potentia -- a ZPM. The Ancient told them to protect it from the Wraith at all costs. (The Brotherhood)

The Suderian people worshipped the Ancients and considered the potentia their most sacred artifact. They only brought it out of safekeeping on high holidays -- they never used it. (The Brotherhood)

They worshipped the " Lantian ancestors" and considered the stargate a sacred portal, with its symbols being religious icons. When the Lantian gave over the ZPM for their safekeeping, they incorporated the stargate symbols into the marker stones they used to create a puzzle that explained where they'd hidden it. (The Brotherhood)

The puzzle was to place the stones in the correct order on a pedestal in an underground chamber. If they were incorrect, the pedestal trapped the hands of the person making the attempt and burned the mark of the Brotherhood into both palms, apparently also injecting a toxin -- the victim died almost instantly. The correct order was a grid where the numbers on the stones added up to 15 in every direction: (The Brotherhood)










Once all the stones were in the correct places, whoever was trying to retrieve the ZPM put his/her hands onto the hand-shaped spots on the pedestal and waited. A few seconds later, the ZPM slid out of the wall smoothly, far enough to be pulled the rest of the way. (The Brotherhood)

The Quindozum, a brotherhood of 15 monks. (The Brotherhood)

(nb: no idea on spelling there at all -- that's a total guess from Allina's explanation. Could be Kwindoza, Quindoza, Quindozam, Kwindozam, those " z" s could be " s" s... )

There's no indication if this was the sole religious order (or even religion) or not. (The Brotherhood)

The Brotherhood of the Fifteen was made up of a Master Handler, five Protectors, and nine Stone Carriers. (The Brotherhood)

Their sole occupation was to keep the potentia (ZPM) safe. Their greatest fear was that the entire Brotherhood would be culled by the Wraith, which would mean the potentia would be missing forever. Their hope was that one day the Lantians would return to reclaim the potentia, and reward the Suderian people for completing their task. (The Brotherhood)

During one Wraith culling, the entire Brotherhood was destroyed, leaving the whereabouts of the potentia a mystery -- they'd hidden it away to protect it from the Wraith. (The Brotherhood)

To ensure that even if they were killed, the potentia could be found by Suderians (but not Wraith), the priests left nine stone markers behind, which were supposed to reveal the potentia's location when they were reassembled correctly. Each stone had a number on it (in an ancient -- Ancient? -- numbering system) and was etched/grooved in a different place, to make putting the puzzle together easier -- they formed a grid when complete. The priests buried them in a matching grid, with the final one hidden as part of a map painted on their monastery's wall. (The Brotherhood)


Known Daganians


(nb: spelling is from the SciFi site -- I had no closed-captioning on this episode)

A researcher/historian who was the main liaison with Sheppard's team, especially McKay, when they went to Dagan to look for a ZPM that they hoped would be there. (The Brotherhood)

Although the Atlantians didn't know it, she was the Master Handler for the newly revived Brotherhood -- she and some others had found the writings left behind by the original order, and decided to try to complete the task handed down by the Ancestors. (The Brotherhood)

At least in the beginning, she believed that Sheppard and his team were true Lantians, and was happy to work with them to find the potentia, believing that her ancestors had hidden it against this day, when it could be handed back to its rightful owners. (The Brotherhood)

She was very taken with McKay, both to flirt with and to genuinely admire his work. She finally went completely obvious with the flirting, but McKay was oblivious until his teammates specifically told him what was going on. As part of her attempt to get to know him better, though, she'd asked him what it had been like, growing up in the city of the Ancestors. When he explained that they'd come from another world and had only been in Atlantis a few months, she stopped flirting and politely sent him off to bed (which is when the others told him she was interested). (The Brotherhood)

She kept working easily with him regardless (although she was very confused by his sudden rather awkward attempts at flirting), and was with the team when they descended to an underground chamber left by the Quindozum. When Acastus Kolya showed up and began making threats, she realized that Sanir  had betrayed them to him, and slapped her across the face for it. (The Brotherhood)

When the supposed gate address they'd discovered in the buried stones left by the Quindozum turned out not to work, Allina figured out that it wasn't an address at all -- the stones were markers for a map of Suderia as it was in their time that had been painted onto a wall of their monastery. (The Brotherhood)

After the ZPM had been found and the Genii had been overcome, she started walking back to the village with Sheppard's team, leading them straight into an ambush of her own people. She took the ZPM


(nb: spelling is a guess based on what I heard -- I've seen transcripts that list him as " Astro" , but I heard an -im at the end of his name)

One of the old Brotherhood, harvested during a Wraith culling after hiding the ZPM in a sealed chamber. He and the Brother with him, also harvested, were the last to know the whereabouts of the potentia. (The Brotherhood)


(nb: spelling is a guess based on what I heard.)

From the beginning, she wasn't happy that Allina was so willing to help Sheppard's team (or, more accurately from Allina's POV, McKay's team) find the potentia/ZPM -- she believed it belonged on Dagan, and that the others would take it away. She didn't seem particularly convinced by Allina's argument that the team had come from Atlantis and thus were the rightful owners, but kept helping anyway. (The Brotherhood)

Unbeknownst to Allina, Sanir  set up a deal with the Genii, to betray the Atlantians to them in return for a " great reward" . (The Brotherhood)



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