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Orin's people

General info

Planet: unknown (Letters from Pegasus)

They appeared to be largely an agricultural/rural society, whose involvement in interplanetary trade was through their harvest. (Letters from Pegasus)

By the time Sheppard and Teyla arrived to warn of a potentially imminnent Wraith attack, Orin's people had already taken in refugees from cullings on other worlds, and felt there was no escape through the stargate. (Letters from Pegasus)

A Wraith fleet appeared above the planet shortly after the warning, and began destroying the village and culling many people. (Letters from Pegasus)

Roughly 20-25 managed to escape on Sheppard's puddlejumper and were brought back to Atlantis as refugees. It's not clear if they were sent back home after the cullings or if they meant to stay on Atlantis, presumably on the mainland. (Letters from Pegasus)


Known locals


He had been a friend of Teyla's father, and was a friend of Teyla's, as well -- enough so that she considered him family. (Letters from Pegasus)

He appeared to be the head of his extended family. (Letters from Pegasus)

When the Wraith attacked, he told as many people as he could about meeting up near the woods to be rescued, and took as many of his family there as possible. Darts were overhead as they arrived, though, and many of them were culled. Orin and several of his children made it onto the puddlejumper and back to Atlantis. (Letters from Pegasus)



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Miscellaneous Races

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