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Energy beings

My apologies for the terrible name, but they were never given a name in canon.

General info

They live on M5S-224. (Home)

They exist as pure energy, visible as the mist that exists on their world. (Home)

They're extremely susceptible to the power of the stargate -- every time it's activated, some of their lives are lost. (Home)

When explorers come to their world, they sacrifice the lives taken by the stargate to ensure their continued secrecy/survival. Most of the explorers simply came and went, and never returned. (Home)

When a group from Atlantis returned a second time with the intention of using all the 'free' energy in the atmosphere to power the Stargate for a trip all the way back to Earth, the energy couldn't let that happen, and knocked them all out, creating hallucinations in each of them that the trip had happened and they were back on Earth. (Home)

The amount of energy needed to gate to another galaxy would have killed millions of them. (Home)

They fully intended to leave them there, unconscious on the surface, until they died, but didn't intend to be cruel about it -- they created the fabricated realities for them, and once they all figured out that everything was fake, offered to create a reality of their choosing. (Home)

Finding out that Atlantis would send more people to find out what had happened to the missing people came as an unwelcome surprise. (Home)

After Sheppard and the others convinced them that they wouldn't try to gate to Earth if they were allowed to wake up, but would instead return to Atlantis and never come back to this world, the energy beings let them go. (Home)






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